The Power of Camp Part I: Friendship

The Power of Camp, Friendship

Some may wonder why camp uniquely impacts young people. We believe that just one aspect of The Power of Camp (albeit a very important one) is friendship.

Psychologists have long believed that friendships help build confidence and self-esteem in kids. Camp provides a unique opportunity for students to build friendships that last a lifetime. Away from the labels that have been handed to them back at school, campers are free to be themselves and to experience new adventures with a new group of peers. In this setting, young people have the freedom to ask important questions about issues such as faith and their future, and to get honest answers from caring adults. They also get to share that journey with others who are on the same path in their lives.

Counselors and other campers help a student understand God’s unconditional love and acceptance as they shed the burden of trying to “measure up” back home. I recently saw a post from a woman in her 50s saying she loved camp, and was still best friends with a girl she met at camp when she was in elementary school.

Camp friendships are forged in an atmosphere of adventure and safety — respect and trust – and, at CCCA member camps, in the context of God’s design for each child.

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1 Response to “The Power of Camp Part I: Friendship”

  1. 1 The Camp Whisperer (@TCampWhisperer) August 30, 2013 at 7:59 am

    Thanks for the reminder that what we do at camp is important on a variety of levels.

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